Таинственный капюшон Стихий — Предмет

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Prepare for insanely easy leveling starting with Heirlooms for every part of your character.

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This is one of the new Heirloom Items introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The whereabouts of Heirloom Rings is currently Unknown but most likely will be made available through random profession dailies luck. I feel safe enough saying this since our last Heirloom ring was available from Fishing.

The following Heirlooms are unlockable through the Guild system:

10-й уровень гильдии

20-й уровень гильдии

The following Heirlooms have been added during Cataclysm but whereabouts are unknown:

Heirloom Legs

Heirloom Rings

Patch 4.1 Additions
The first Major patch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm introduced new Heirloom items that were created to help Plate classes obtain the necessary defensive stats to properly Tank dungeons.

For players interested in obtaining the many Heirloom that are available, below is a table of how they can be obtained and the price associated with each one.
Justice Points (JP) Печать чемпиона (CS) Очки чести (HP)

│ Helm │ Guild — Level 20 │ 1500G │
│ Shoulders │ WotLK — Dal/WG Vendors │ 2175JP or 60CS │
│ Chest │ WotLK — Dal/WG Vendors │ 2175JP or 60CS │
│ Legs │ Unknown │ │
│ Cloak │ Guild — Level 10 │ 1200G │
│ Ring 1 │ Kalu’ak Fishing Derby │ Win Tourney │
│ Ring 2 │ Unknown │ │
│ Trinket │ WotLK — Dal/WG Vendors │ 2725JP or 75CS │
│ Weapons* │ WotLK — Dal/WG Vendors │ 2175JP or 60CS │

*PVP Weapons can be purchased for 1250HP
List of Heirloom Weapons

Experience Chart
The Following assumes FULL** Heirlooms
│ 1-80 │ Y2 │ Y │ 60% │
│ 1-80 │ Y1 │ Y │ 55% │
│ 1-80 │ N │ Y │ 50% │
│ 1-80 │ Y2 │ N │ 50% │
│ 1-80 │ Y1 │ N │ 45% │
│ 1-80 │ N │ N │ 40% │
│ 81-85 │ Y2 │ Y │ 35% │
│ 81-85 │ Y1 │ Y │ 30% │
│ 81-85 │ N │ Y │ 25% │
│ 81-85 │ Y2 │ N │ 25% │
│ 81-85 │ Y1 │ N │ 20% │
│ 81-85 │ N │ N │ 15% │

** As of Patch 4.0.3

And finally, for everyone interested in what pieces of gear you should put together for the Ultimate Leveling Set for that special new alt of yours, I present to you a list of classes and the items that suit them best.

Tanking (Plate) Рыцарь смерти Паладин Воин **New in 4.1**

Physical (Plate) Рыцарь смерти Паладин Воин

Physical (Mail) Охотник Шаман

Physical (Leather) Друид Разбойник

Spellcaster (Mail) Паладин Шаман

Spellcaster (Leather) Друид

Spellcaster (Cloth) Маг Жрец Чернокнижник

My apologies for some inaccurate information previously. This comment was made during the Cataclysm Beta and I just never got around to updating it. Prices have been fixed and it now looks sexier then ever.

Patch 4.1 Heirloom Update
All Heirloom items have had their bindings changed to bind to a single Battle.Net account instead of a World of Warcraft account. This change will let you transfer your items across factions, realms and even the other active World of Warcraft accounts on your Battle.Net Account.

Blizzard has also implemented Tanking Heirlooms with Patch 4.1. Please see above for their names! Links will not be live until the data is merged to the main Wowhead site.

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Seriously. With all of the +exp heirloom items, you can get up to a 55% increase in experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests.

  • Helm: 10%
  • Back: 5%
  • Chest: 10%
  • Pants: 10%
  • Shoulders: 10%
  • Ring 1: 5%
  • Ring 2: 5%

Plus, with the other ways to gain extra experience, you can get a grand total of 375% increase in experience!

  • Rest exp: 100%
  • Recruit a friend: 200%
  • Guild perks: 10%
  • Holiday buffs: 10% (like Fire Festival Dance)

Wow, indeed.

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Ah, my old wolf hat, it has been too long! I just wonder where might have you been.

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Some of these gears, specially the guildies, are quite expensive, in the 1500g -3000g range each. But, they come out cheap if you want to do some alt leveling. No more auction house rush!

Beware that some equipment you find along the way may be stronger than the heirlooms on the same level, but they soon fall behind when you level.

But, after all, do they add or multiply? The comments seem contradictory. If you use two gears adding 5% each, do you have 10%, or

1.05 x 1.05 = 1.1025 = 10.25% ?

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Actually, rest exp and recruit a friend exp increase do not stack together, so I guess the grand total of experience increase would be 275%!

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Looks great, but sadly it would only be useful for Ele shamans and pally and shaman healers.

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but you wouldnt get the head or pants for an higher level because of its stats

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So, here’s my question. Do you have to be in the guild when they hit level 20, or do you suddenly gain access to it if you join up with the guild after they hit it. It’d kinda suck to join a guild but then be like, «Oh, you’re already level 20. Well, I really want to be able to get the helmet, so see ya later.»

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This item or any other heirloom hat cannot be targeted by any enchants including heirloom enchants and armor kits.

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There is no plate healing helm for Paladins, and this one does not turn into Plate on a paladin..

GG Blizz.

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Well this is meant for PvE and you wont be taking a lot of hits in dungeons. Still I agree with your point.

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Well I guess intellect plate is the only kind of armour which is of no use to a solo quester. But since they added items specifically for tanking, it doesn’t make much sense that there is no helm for one of the healer classes.

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Even though my main, a priest, can purchase leather and plate items from the guild vendor, for some reason the mail helmets aren’t visible among this vendor’s wares. I had to switch to a shaman alt in order to buy this item.


The Elements — Сет Трансмогрификации

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Items of this Set do no longer drop but instead duplicates (equip without any stats, but same look/model) are sold at the Darkmoon Fair from Барум. The whole set costs 520 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

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What would u guys use for weapons? i currently have The Hand of Antu’sul (out of ZF) for a mace, but i need a shield… any thoughts?

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If you think the bottom part of the kilt looks ugly, don’t be put off — it’s merely the boots being placed over the kilt in the modelviewer. This doesn’t happen in-game, where the boots are neatly tucked away underneath the kilt.

So to get a good impression of how this set will look, check here and ignore the bare feet. 😉

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This set (apart from the top half of the boots) uses the Blue variant of the «Shaman Dungeon A1» artwork and forms a complete eight-piece set of the art.

Note that the top half of the boots are wrong on both the original and replica versions. For some reason they were set to use the top half of the hunter equivalent: Сапоги загонщика. Fortunately that part of the boots is hidden if you’re wearing the kilt. If you’re wondering what they should look like, they’d resemble Сапоги Пяти Громов, only in a colour to match this set.

There are five other colours of this set in the artwork database but only two are available as complete or mostly-complete sets, and one just as a chest. See:

  • Red: The Five Thunders
  • Aqua (officially «Outland Aqua): The Elements (Recolor) (bracers and boots missing, which are the least important pieces)
  • Bright purple (officially «Outland Purple»): just one chestpiece: Жилет удара бури. There’s also a helm: Шлем призывателя волков клана Рок’на, a loot reward during the level 85 version of the Theramore’s Fall scenario, so only ever available for one week. This set, except for headpiece and shoulders, can be seen on Дроха
  • Indigo (officially «Purple»): unavailable. Looks very similar to the Blue «The Elements» just a bit more purple
  • Red-green (officially «Outland Red»): unavailable. A dark red hue on more of a green and dark purple background. Just one helm: Шлем охотника на волков клана Рок’на, a loot reward during the level 85 version of the Theramore’s Fall scenario, so only ever available for one week, This set, ignoring the tabard, may be seen on Шаман из Крепости Покорителей

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Head, Shoulders, Legs, Chest is 75 Tickets per piece. 75×4=300 Tickets for these four.
Waist, Wrist, Boots, Gloves is 55 per piece. 55×4= 220 Tickets for these four.
Total= 520 tickets for the full set.

Alright lets say that you are doing all 5 dailies every day for 7 days (Nice tip: Darkmoon Fair Begins at 00:01 Realm Time , and the daily quests reset at 3 A.M. or 4 A.M. not sure, which means if you do the quests in 00:01 on Sunday the quests will reset and you will be able to do them again which means 8 days of dailies rather than 7)
So it is 5×7= 35 tickets from dailies only, or 5×8= 40 if you do the quests at 00:01.
Quest items: Remember they reset every month, so if you gather and complete all the quest items you will get:
Дневник погибшего путешественника — 5 Tickets
Загадочный гримуар — 10 Tickets
Знамя павших — 5 Tickets
Захваченный знак различия — 5 Tickets
Громадное яйцо — 10 Tickets
Трактат о стратегии — 15 Tickets
Богато украшенный клинок — 10 Tickets
Руны ворожея — 10 Tickets
Зачарованный кристалл — 10 Tickets
Total = 80
Completing the dailies and items quests should bring you around 115 Tickets per month or 120 if you camp them at midnight.
Which means that you would need around 4-5 months to complete the full set!
Hope this guide is helpful, feel free to edit, or add something that I have overlooked
Btw since the items are boe feel free to farm them on any eligible alts, best choice imo is a 85lvl one or buy them off AH for a reasonable price

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The best shield for this set just gotta be Force Reactive Disk — vanilla shield, that minimalist design with some nice animation (the shield is spinning) just screams oldschool!

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You definitely need to use Зульский страж together with this set. Dont know what main hand though

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If you’re like me, and you like the general look of the set, but feel the shoulders detract from it, you might find these a possible alternative. The coloring is right, and while the styling is clearly different, I don’t think it harms the look of the rest of the gear.

The obvious downside here being that the pattern for those shoulders can no longer be obtained, so you’d need to know someone who used to be a leatherworker before Cataclysm, who bothered to obtain it.

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I find Эгида Тарон’джа to match quite well with this set (added a screenshot to that shield if you want to check it).

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There’s antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium…
Oh wait…
Wrong place…

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Has anyone done what I am trying to do, which is to transmog my hunter’s gear to make her look like a shaman? I used the four heirloom pieces since I already had them and I was going to buy the belt, gloves, and boots with DMF tickets, but before I did, I went looking for a weapon and I can’t use anything that seems to match. My #1 choice is Лук меткости главнокомандующего, but it’s not available for transmogging (and I didn’t pvp with the old system, so I can’t buy Копия лука меткости главнокомандующего). My second choice is Рок’шалла, убийца теней, but that is no longer in the game. I’m curious if anyone else has any ideas or, if anyone’s done this look on a hunter before, has found a bow that’d match (I would prefer a bow over a gun, but if it matches, I’ll deal with the gunshots). Thanks!

Here are a couple of models with the weapons I mentioned, if anyone was curious about how they looked:



Искаженный магией капюшон — Предмет

Добывается с: Иссохший Дж\’им

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_[141453][‘tooltip_ruru_twcata’] = true;
_[141453][‘tooltip_ruru_twmists’] = true;
_[141453].spells_ruru = {};
_[141453].rppmmod = [];
_[141453].upgradeData = [];
_[141453].bonusesData = {«3466»:{«sub»:{«1477»:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1477,»type»:1,»param1″:5,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1482″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1482,»type»:1,»param1″:10,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1487″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1487,»type»:1,»param1″:15,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1492″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1492,»type»:1,»param1″:20,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1497″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1497,»type»:1,»param1″:25,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1502″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1502,»type»:1,»param1″:30,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1507″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1507,»type»:1,»param1″:35,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1512″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1512,»type»:1,»param1″:40,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1517″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1517,»type»:1,»param1″:45,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1522″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1522,»type»:1,»param1″:50,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1527″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1527,»type»:1,»param1″:55,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1532″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1532,»type»:1,»param1″:60,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1537″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1537,»type»:1,»param1″:65,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1542″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1542,»type»:1,»param1″:70,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1547″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1547,»type»:1,»param1″:75,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1552″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1552,»type»:1,»param1″:80,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1557″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1557,»type»:1,»param1″:85,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1562″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1562,»type»:1,»param1″:90,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1567″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1567,»type»:1,»param1″:95,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1572″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1572,»type»:1,»param1″:100,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1577″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1577,»type»:1,»param1″:105,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1582″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1582,»type»:1,»param1″:110,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1587″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1587,»type»:1,»param1″:115,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1592″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1592,»type»:1,»param1″:120,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1597″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1597,»type»:1,»param1″:125,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1602″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1602,»type»:1,»param1″:130,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1607″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1607,»type»:1,»param1″:135,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1612″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1612,»type»:1,»param1″:140,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1617″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1617,»type»:1,»param1″:145,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1622″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1622,»type»:1,»param1″:150,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1627″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1627,»type»:1,»param1″:155,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1632″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1632,»type»:1,»param1″:160,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1637″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1637,»type»:1,»param1″:165,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1642″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1642,»type»:1,»param1″:170,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1647″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1647,»type»:1,»param1″:175,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1652″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1652,»type»:1,»param1″:180,»param2″:0,»index»:0,»name»:null,»color»:null}],»type»:1,»upgradeType»:2},»1657″:{«sub»:[],»data»:[{«bonus»:1657,»type»:1,»param1″:185,»param2″:0,»ind


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